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Planning Your Event

 Authorized Vendors



Soldiers & Sailors will provide a list of exclusive caterers and other vendors who are trained in the policies and procedures of the museum. All of our vendors hold the proper licensing and meet the standards of insurance set forth by the museum.

Should your need for tables and chairs exceed the number or variety provided by Soldiers & Sailors it will be necessary to contact one of our Authorized Vendors.

Only Soldiers & Sailors owns the right to purchase, sell, serve and dispense liquor and malt brewed beverages in and on the leased Premises.

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Soldiers & Sailors reserves the right to approve or disapprove any entertainment offered at a special event to ensure that the nature of the gathering is in the best interest of the museum. The name and type of entertainment must be provided to the Sales Department prior to booking your entertainment.

Lighting, Sound and Media Services

Soldiers & Sailors includes in its rental package a public-address system for most of the rental areas; outside systems cannot be plugged into this system. A state of the art line-array sound system is available in the auditorium. Clients are required to contact and utilize any of our authorized sound and lighting vendors, however, a sound technician from J.V.Chujko, Inc. is required when any client or other vendor access our sound system.

J.V. Chujko, Inc.


Soldiers & Sailors will have special-event personnel on site for event setup and breakdown. Certain special events will require security, including all events serving alcohol. If the client’s entertainment, speakers, VIPs, dignitaries or special guests have their own private security, the Sales Department must be notified. Failure to do so may result in individual(s) being refused admittance to the museum.


The museum does not own or operate the subsurface parking garage or parking meters adjacent to its property. The City of Pittsburgh Parking Authority controls the meters if variances are needed. The subsurface parking garage is operated by the University of Pittsburgh. For more information on the parking garage visit

Food & Beverage

Soldiers & Sailors clients must utilize the following catering professionals for food and non-alcoholic beverage needs. These industry experts have been hand selected to complement and enhance your occasion. Clients shall not bring any food of any kind onto the premises nor permit any guests or invitees to do so, unless prior approval has been given by Soldiers & Sailors. Bakery items are the exception!

All the Best Catering

Big Burrito Restaurant Group
Danielle Cain
412.361.3272 x209

Opening Night Catering
Harry & Jean Ross

Rania’s Catering
Rania Harris

The Chef and I Catering
Denny Trozzo

Clients are provided with a variety of alcohol packages available through Soldiers & Sailors. Alcohol packages include standard and premium liquor, wine, assorted domestic and imported beers, and name-brand mixers. One bartender will be staffed for each 75-100 guests.

Bar Packages

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