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Soldiers & Sailors Reunites Niece with Uncle’s WWII Artifacts

(Belgium diggers discover artifacts found at the Battle of the Bulge)

       PITTSBURGH — Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc. will reunite Denise Holland with the personal items and artifacts of her uncle WWII U.S. Army Lieutenant, Lonnie Oscar Holloway, Jr.

 “Soldiers & Sailors is pleased to assist in rejoining the personal artifacts of Lt. Holloway, Jr. with Ms. Holland,” said President and CEO John F. McCabe. “Lt. Holloway was truly a noble war hero and, the journey of these rare artifacts from the battlefields of Belgium to Soldiers & Sailors Museum tells a most interesting and touching story.”

Lieutenant L.O. Holloway died in combat on December 16, 1944 on the battlefields of Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans moved his body from where he was killed in the entry way of his dugout to a nearby slit trench where remained, face down, for nearly 46 years.  Holloway’s remains were discovered in 1990 by the team of Jean-Louis Seel and Jean-Philippe Speder along with Jean-Michel Roth, local men who use metal detectors on battlefields to locate artifacts.

Lt. Holloway’s remains where received by the US Army Memorial Affairs Activity-Europe on November 26, 1990 and were transferred to the Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii for identification.  Personal effects unearthed with the remains were returned to Lt. Holloway’s sister Sarah Holloway Holland. In the fall of 1991, Holloway was buried at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.  Six veterans from the 99th Infantry Division attended the funeral service.

In July 1995 the 99th Division held its reunion at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in Pittsburgh. Sarah Holloway Holland had the items framed and sent them to Soldiers & Sailors where they would be displayed at the event during a special opening ceremony. On the way to Pittsburgh from her home in Cleveland, Sarah was involved in a car accident that left her in a coma.  She never made it to the reception.  She died in Houston, Texas on October 6, 1995.

In 2011 three Dutch men metal detecting in the area where Holloway’s remains were found in 1990 recovered his gold ID bracelet and returned it to Denise Holloway Holland, niece of Lt. Holloway, daughter of Sarah Holloway Holland.

Soldiers & Sailors has been working in conjunction with Denise Holland to return Lt. Holloway’s personal effects.  Transfer of the artifacts will take place at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum on September 27, 2014 approximately 9am.

For further details please contact Soldiers & Sailors’ public relations office at (412) 621-4235 x 226.